GIBX FOREX 2.0 + POB new promotion and big upgrade

The emergence of GIBX FOREX 2.0 perfectly solves the current three major demands of users on DEX-fast transactions, lowest costs, and best prices. We can see from the current progress of GIBX FOREX 2.0. These measures are conducive to increasing transaction volume and liquidity. Liquidity and trading volume are one of the core user experiences of exchange and are also the core objectives of exchange operations. Therefore, regardless of the perspective, the biggest beneficiary of GIBX FOREX 2.0 is undoubtedly GUSDT. The loose currency listing mechanism will stimulate the active participation of project parties. Any on-chain operation needs to consume GUSDT, which also shows that GUSDT is about to break through all-time highs in one fell swoop and become a big winner in the currency circle.

The combination of blockchain + foreign exchange technology also means that the GIBX FOREX 2.0 may break the pain points of the foreign exchange industry. Become another industry benchmark leading the development of blockchain technology.

The promotional activities held by the company have received strong support from most members and family members, and the performance has exploded. Therefore, the company has made persistent efforts to launch a new event-“ GIBX FOREX 2.0 + POB New Promotional Deluxe Edition”.

The promotion period of this event is from October 25 to November 28, 2021, for a period of 5 weeks. The bonus company for this event is sending out more than 20% of the total network performance and rebates to all participating family members. Members-only need to pledge their liquidity to the 5 major fund mining pools or POBs, and they will have the opportunity to receive up to one million UT rebates.

**This event will be divided into two parts of rebates:

  1. Individuals can get a 2% performance rebate/weekly
  2. The direct team can get 2% performance rebate/weekly

Personal rebate case for GIBX FOREX 2.0:

If member A’s total staked flow from October 25 (Monday) to October 31 (Sunday) is USD 100,000, he will get a 2000 UT rebate to the MT5 income wallet on November 2 (next Tuesday).

👉🏽100,000 UT x 2% = 2000 UT

Direct team rebate case for GIBX FOREX 2.0:

If user A directly pushes 10 nodes, and the total staked performance of the entire community from October 25 (Monday) to October 31 (Sunday) is 100,000 UT. Member A can get 20,000 UT rebates to the MT5 earnings wallet on November 2 (next Tuesday).

👉🏽1,000,000 UT x 2% = 20,000 UT

And member A’s total staked traffic performance in the first week is a total of 22,000 UT for the individual plus the direct team.

**When the first week of stake ends, the calculation date of the second week will be calculated from November 1 (Monday) to November 7 (Sunday) as the second week’s stake performance. Weekly performance is calculated based on a new performance, and last week’s performance will not be included in the calculation for GIBX FOREX 2.0. Therefore, the third to fifth weeks of the case will be analogized in this way, and the entire activity target is 5 weeks. And the participating family members can get up to one million UT or more from the income of the individual plus the direct team.

POB black hole investment in GIBX FOREX 2.0 will continue to be open, except that it will require 60% You + 40% GUSDT™ for portfolio investment, and GUSDT™ will continue to be calculated at a constant US$0.5.

The GUSDT™ for Forex order will also continue to be calculated at a constant $2.

Super Team Contest in GIBX FOREX 2.0

The company will also select the world’s top 10 user leaders and award rewards to the top contributors to the 5 mining pools + POB during the event. The company will allocate an additional 1% of the total performance during the event as a reward of the same value in US dollars. The reward model will be 50% USDT (TRC20) + 50% GUSDT™ wallet bonus release, and the company will distribute rewards to the 10 teams with the largest contribution to the target according to their performance in GIBX FOREX 2.0.

For example:

Total performance during the event 100,000,000 USD x 1% = 1,000,000 USD

The company will divide the prize worth 1,000,000 USD into 500,000 USDT (TRC 20) + 500,000 GUSDT wallet bonus to release.

This event will start tomorrow, October 25 (Monday)! The company appeals to all members to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and don’t miss it! At the same time, the winners of the top 10 global leadership awards will be announced on December 3 (Friday) and the bonus distribution will begin in GIBX FOREX 2.0. The company once again thanks to all members and family members for their support and trust. The last quarter of this year, witnessed by all.

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